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I’m Aurelien and I’m 22 years old. I live in the north of France precisely in Lesquin near of Lille and I practice bicycle since my 3 years.

Bike is one of the biggest part of my life and I grew up thanks to that.When I was 6, I started BMX and it was a revelation. I rapidely understood the bike was going to punctuate my life. In fact, I participated in many competitions, locals, nationals and europeans level and I won a lot.

Thereafter I began enduro and motocross that I was pratice during 5 years. But today and since 3 years my own philosphy has changed. I discovered endurance sports more particularly the ultra cycling and I found this was amazing. Since then, I dream of traveling by bike in magical places all going as fast as possible.

Sport’s Carrer

Let me briefly introduce myself, I’m Aurelien MEKIL, a young french cyclist who loves ultra cycling adventure. Last year, I realised my first experience in the world of ultra cycling by winning the race across France 545km, which was an amazing experience. I also did a half ironman in october 2020 and participated in two gravelman (350km), the first one in october 2020 and the second one in january 2020 where I finished 3rd. Always looking for new adventures, I dream to ride in Italy this year



la tua esperienza indimenticabile!

Gara di ultracycling non stop con partenza da Silvi (TE), aperta alla partecipazione di solitari (sia self-supported che con veicolo al seguito) e team da 2, 4  ciclisti (in staffetta).


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