‘Castrum Silvae had become one of the main strongholds during the Roman Empire’.



the wild side of the Race Across Italy 

START: SILVI  may 4th, 2024 


EmpireLands was born from the idea of bringing contrasts to life: road & off-road, sea & mountains, historic villages & cities, ancient & modern history… through 3 routes that will make you write a new unforgettable page in your history

We have worked hard on the tracks to offer the right balance of dirt roads, paths, asphalt and some single tracks, but always thinking of riding it with a gravel bike, avoiding as much as possible the parts with too high a technical difficulty; of course it is also possible to participate by mountain bike

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone in search of a real adventure, all in a unique event… you’ve come to the right place!

If you have any question please contact us by email :


Start  :4 May 2024 at 9:00

CHOOSE  your distance below between


Empire Lands Legend

Total km: 915 km

Elevation: D+ 13.000

Check Point:5

Time Limit:10 gg



This is the ‘wild’ side of Race Across Italy, which will also take you along some of the ancient roman empire roads.

Inspired by the Roman Empire, with a route of around 915 km and an elevation of D+  13,000 m, 70% off-road, it is a Gravel event in bikepacking where you imagine yourself going to conquer Rome and then returning to the starting point.

The track starts in Silvi Marina, crosses 3 regions, 4 National Parks, and twice in the Apennines to touch both the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas; a unique coast to coast in the heart of Italy

Along the Empire Lands route, you will discover historical routes (such as the Via Appia and the Via Francigena), beautiful landscapes in remote mountain areas, historic villages, the breathtaking colours of the Costa dei Trabocchi, ancient cities with thousands of years of history and then…. Rome is Rome!


->  900 Km e D+ 13.000 m  70% Off Road

-> Single Stage

-> Mandatory Track

-> 5 Mandatory Check Points  :

CP1 Tagliacozzo Fraz. Poggetello  (AQ)

CP2 San Pietro (Roma)

CP3 San Felice Circeo

CP4 Montecassino’s Abbey – Montecassino (FR)

CP5 Roccaraso (AQ)

-> Time Limit : 10 days

Empire Lands Epic

Total Km : 390 km

Elevation: D+ 6500

Check Points: 2

Time Limit : 6 days


Total Km: 390 km     Elevation: D+ 6500

Check Points: 2        Time Limit : 6 days



is a line that will again connect Silvi with Rome; the beautiful Silvi Alta with the name Castrum Silvae during the Roman Empire became one of the main strongholds on the Adriatic Sea

Along this millenary history, you will cross a state, two regions, the Apennines,,,,, and after enjoying the Trabocchi coastline, visiting historic villages nestled in national parks and crossing the ancient consular roads, on the Via Appia Antica you will immerse yourself in millenary Rome where you will conclude a unique adventure in front of the magnificence of St. Peter’s Square


->  390 Km e D+ 6.500 m  70% Off Road

-> Single Stage 

-> Mandatory Track

-> 2 Mandatory Check Points:

Tagliacozzo : Poggetello (AQ)

FINISH LINE San Pietro (Roma)

Time Limit: 6 gg



If you want to get back to Silvi from Rome, you can go to Termini Station or Tiburtina Station and from there take the train to Pescara, so you can load your bike without having to pack it.

There are two daily connections and you can find information and buy tickets directly from the website of

TRENITALIA by clicking here

Empire Lands Rookie

Total Km : 75 km

Elevation: D+ 1500

Time Limit : 12 h


If you don’t yet feel ready to face the EPIC or LEGEND version, this is your gateway to EMPIRE LANDS.

It will let you discover our world, learn about the experiences of other participants, and experience the unique atmosphere of our events.

The route will take you over our hills, to discover historic villages, always surrounded by our mountains and with your eyes turned towards the sea you will enjoy the unique colours of our region.

Why choose Empire Lands?


Because it will be a bikepacking adventure on three unique routes through nature, history, adventure;

choose yours!

race across italy ultracycing rai 2020

Solo Self Supported

Participants must plan to manage navigation, logistics, and self-sufficiency while passing through the mandatory Check Points.

The main rule is an absolute ban on trail riding and if a cyclist meets another cyclist they may ride side by side but for no more than 30 minutes in total throughout the race.

In case the organisation finds a longer period, they will be undeservedly moved to the Pair category

Pair Self Supported Riders

In the pair category, riders act as a single unit and may share, food, drinks and equipment.

Only in this category you are allowed to trail with your teammate and may share resources.

The Tracking System

The tracking device is provided by the organisation, but it is the participant’s responsibility to check that the signal is there and that it is working.

It is the responsibility of the participant to keep evidence of his or her trial in accordance with the rules.



The Track

The track have been totally pedaled by  Paolo Laureti .

Details of the track  will be provided after registration.

The official track will however be shared with all participants 2 weeks before the start, so that final checks can be made after the winter.



Time Limit




Keep in mind, however, that we try to wait for you all on arrival.

Upon arrival, however, send us a message and photos



Below is a summary of the material needed (read the rules.).

Mandatory equipments:

  • helmet;
  • GPS tracker (provided by the organisation and to be kept with the cyclist at all times);
  • satellite navigator (Garmin or similar) for uploading the route;
  • bike lights and whatever is provided by the rules;
  • front and rear bike light always on
  • mobile phone for contacting the operations centre;
  • reflective bicycle and bicycle wheel stickers and
  • reflective clothing for the cyclist (as also stipulated in the Highway Code and the rules);
  • everything else mentioned in the rules.


  • appropriate clothing for all weather conditions;
  • food and water.

Mandatory documents

For everyone: 

  • Agonistic Cycling Medical Certificate valid for the Race Across Italy ,

Italian riders only :

  • National Federation Membership (ACSI-FCI-UCI etc) Year 2024

For all foreign riders:

    • UCI Membership
    • If you are not UCI Member, just contact us and we will give you instructions how to proceed.


Friday May 3rd, 2024

h.09:00 to 15:00

Check-in – Race Pack collection – Bike Inspection

h 17:00

PreRace  Briefing (mandatory for riders)

Saturday 04/05/ 2024


GRAN DEPART h 09:00  approx

Registration Fees

Registration within 07.04.2024
LEGEND Solo Self     €  119,00    REGISTER HERE
LEGEND Pair             € 200,00    REGISTER HERE
Registration within 07.04.2024
EPIC Solo Self     €  79,00    REGISTER HERE
EPIC Pair             € 158,00    REGISTER HERE
Registration within 07.04.2024
ROOKIE Solo Self     €  30,00    REGISTER HERE
ROOKIE Pair               € 50,00    REGISTER HERE

Pair Registration Fees is to be considered as total for both cyclists


  • Race Pack with gadgets
  • LEGEND -EPIC: GPS Tracker – if you don’t return the device at the end of the race, you will be charged of the amount of € 100 for each device not returned      LIVE tracking system with web platform
  • . For ROOKIE :  NO GPS tracker
  • LEGEND -EPIC :Finisher’s medal, if completed
  • ROOKIE: Event Diplom for all Finishers.
  • Pre-race briefing with all participants
  • Final party with food, beverage and music!

…and for your security you will find:

  • reflective bands gifted by the organizers

Registrations will close on:

April 7th, 2024 for LEGEND and EPIC

April 25th for ROOKIE



Do it …Now!