1. The RAI2020 is a self-supported bicycle race across Italy, in single stage,  on a bicycle for solo or pair riders without any external support.
  2. The clock never stops from the start and solo/ pair riders manage their own route passing through mandatory check points in self supported way.
  3. First of all The rules are for your safety and have to guarantee a fair challenge along all the event. .
  4. Any standard commercial bicycle with reasonable personal modifications is allowed. If Tandem and Recumbent participate we will create a special category to allow them to compete
  5. The registration is not refunded under any circumstances.
    In case of cancellation / renunciation / cancellation  it will be considered DNS (DoNotStart).
  6. Participants will be required to provide details for emergency contact.

If you want to be a RAI2020 finisher you’ve to follow these main rules 

  1. Ride from the start to the finish line following the mandatory check points  specified on the website
  2. No external support.  All food, drink and equipment must be carried or acquired at commercially available services.
  3. No drafting (only in pairs category rider can draft his mate).
  4. All riders must maintain evidence of their ride and pay attention that tracker works
  5. Insurance, cycle helmets and safety equipments for the nights (lights, reflective vest and so on) are mandatory.
  6. Riders must know and observe Italian traffic laws.
  7. Ride in the self-support mode  for all the track
  8. No Time Limit